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Jean Pencak wrote on August 1, 2023
December 4, 2013 We said goodbye to our Bess (racing name Hermonica) yesterday. We adopted her in January, 2005 after our first greyhound Zoe passed away. Bess was as unlike Zoe as could be but fit in our home so seamlessly. Where Zoe was outgoing and adventurous, Bessie was shy, thus her nickname Bessie Boo. She welcomed three more greys and a foster Yorkie into our home and was loved by all. Bess would have been 13 come April but it was not to be. We found out about an intestinal mass in October and since then were giving her hospice care, making every day count, showering her with love and whatever she wanted to eat, hard though that was. It was painful to watch her lose weight but she did not appear to be in pain and remained loving and affectionate to the end. God bless and keep you, Bessie Boo. We will always love you and never forget you.
Barbara Yob wrote on August 1, 2023
February 9, 2014 On February 1 we had to let go of our big, goofy guy, Toby(Hallo Mon Amour). He had turned twelve on 1/6. Toby entered our hearts and home a little less than two and a half years ago after having lived in NY for seven years. When he moved in he arrived with five bags of his "stuff" including a Boston Red Sox blanket but we like to think he was cheering for the NY Mets. He certainly saw them enough from his vantage point on the couch! For the time he was here he loved to chase our neighbor's beagle up and down our fence line. The neighbor 's Vet wanted to know how their beagle was in such good shape, they gave that credit to Toby. Due to arthritis and age Toby was slowing down a bit and we noticed he was ignoring the beagle but a few days before the first he was running around the yard with Beaker and Tara Knowles(our foster). Friday he could not put any weight on his right front leg and there was no good news from the Vet. So now he is at the Rainbow Bridge with Oreo, Wonder. Sandy, Minnie and Pixie(IG) and I wonder how many beagles he is running with. Barbara, Barry and Krista Yob
Michael DeVuono wrote on August 1, 2023
May 15, 2014 It is with great sadness that I am writing to inform you of the passing of Kaycee (Don't Bite Me), adopted in 2006, at the age of 4 years. We were blessed to have Kaycee in our lives for 8 years, where he enjoyed the company of Martin, a mutt, Misty and Rusty, our late cats, and our three children. Kaycee was particularly fond of Rusty the cat. The two were best friends, and Kaycee used to always lick his face and give him a bath. Being a runner myself, it was my intent to have Kaycee as a running partner. But after 4 years on the race track, Kaycee decided he wanted to stay retired. He found a nice cozy spot on our couch, and that is where he always preferred to be. We will miss you buddy, thank you for letting us be a part of your life.
The Yob Family wrote on August 1, 2023
July 13, 2014 On July 9,2014 early in the morning our Beaker(Craigie's U Sir) went to the Rainbow Bridge. We had him for almost nine years and he had turned thirteen on March 27th. He was named Beaker for the length of his nose, known also as "The Beak" and our Vet called him "The Chemist". Beaker was fine with thunderstorms or fireworks but if a grocery bag was on the table or the ceiling fan was turned on or a piece of furniture was out of place he was petrified. Then he was known as "Freaky Beaky". He was a great mother hen, showing the ropes to the numerous fosters we had over the years, sharing his pillow with fosters and the other smaller canines who we've had over the years. The latest one for him to mother has been out daughter's 3 month old Potcake from the islands of Turks and Caicos. Calypso would lie on his pillow or lie on Beaker since she arrived on 6/14 and give Beaker's ears and face a daily bath. He never attempted stairs and never got on furniture. His place was on his pillow in front of the TV set. Beak was so timid that he would never go beyond the family room or greet anyone at the door. The person had to come to him, He was a totally different hound out in the yard, loved to run up until several months ago and loved snow. The past year had seen a decline in his health. but no definitive diagnosis. Around 11:30 on the night of July 8th he had a stroke and we took him to be put down. We will miss our gentle giant and it will be the first time since 1999 that the Yob household does not have a Greyhound in residence. We hope to adopt another one but have to wait until we get through the puppy hood stages of the Potcake. RIP Beaky
Linda Johnson wrote on August 1, 2023
March 5, 2015 Our precious Barbie (Dundum's Pride) pass away 3/2013. We still miss her every day. She was sweet, funny and very quirky. We then lost our boy Hank (Hank's Spider) in 9/2014. He was not quite six. He battled kidney disease for 18 months. He was so loving and loyal and one of the best ball players ever. He never met a person he did not like. We grieve that he did not have more time with his family. We love you and miss you every day.
Emma Mellon wrote on August 1, 2023
March 5, 2015 Celebrating and remembering Strider, who was born Ditto Reality to Evening Memory and Meon Range. Strider preferred lounging to running, Freshly baked chicken to dog food, And the sofa to the floor. He once ran away for a jaunt down Old Lancaster Road, And then he came home. He comforted many clients with warm, soft hugs. He was strong & broad & handsome. He often had terrible breath. And even for a greyhound, he had an enormous heart. He was a good, good friend. Strider, September, 2002 to January 19, 2015
Carol Heffer wrote on August 1, 2023
April 21, 2015 Magic Inthestars: 1/5/01 - 4/15/15; adopted 8/13/05. The morning of 4/15/15, I helped my beloved Magic to the Bridge. He was such a sweet boy. We went through so much together some bad but much of it good. I'll miss my dear boy so much.
Tina DeFelice wrote on August 1, 2023
May 16, 2015 On Friday, May 15, 2015, my beloved Finn (Grey's Litefinger - Grey's Liberty out of Blazing Desire) went over The Rainbow Bridge. Our "gotcha day" was 3/19/2004. We had 11 incredible years together, and to the end he was still the most handsome boy and aside from slight weight loss, still in great physical condition. I am broken hearted but he was truly a very good boy who loved people and just wanted to be touched and loved in return. He was 14 years and 8 months old. I will miss him greatly..
Jane Drucker wrote on August 1, 2023
July 26, 2015 It is with deepest sorrow we said goddbye to our Rinny girl at 3a this morning. She had a long happy life with us. The softest, sweetest dog in the neighborhood. Everyone that touched her said "oh she's so soft!" And she just loved this. Over the past year we saw a big change. Constantly looking for comfort. Burying her head between your legs. One thing that never changed was when my husband John and I would hug she would run over sandwiched between our legs to share the love. She loved to talk as well. We'd get her started and off she went "rowl, rowl, rowl" moving her mouth talking to her best friend Buddy. She taught Buddy how to talk and he taught her how to be more assertive by pushing the door open with your nose. They learned a lot from each other. Towards the end she would walk over to him sniff him and lick the top of his head and face. He loved this, sat real still and closed his eyes. We made sure he got to see her one more time. Our family is heart broken but she had a wonderful life, brought us so much joy and very happy memories. God Bless you sweet Rinny girl. The love never ends. Thank you Make Peace for the love connection. ?
Michele Krause wrote on August 1, 2023
October 5, 2011 Pack Leader Beckham March 24th, 1998 -- October 5th, 2011 ?And some say love is holding on And some say letting go.? --John Denver, ?Perhaps Love? My Dear Red Man, Now you are gone from me, No more to stroke your softness And gaze into those beautiful loving eyes That smiled so each time ours met. I have released you unto Eternity, Loosed your body from its earthly bounds That had grown too constricting For so majestic a spirit as yours. You?ve slipped your collar into the ether with the gods now, No more to be concerned with anything of the earth. Your strength, though it had faded from your limbs, Yet pressed on in your spirit And you rose each day to greet me, Though rising for you had become a chore. You were always the gentleman of the house Getting up for your lady. And now, my Soft-As-A-Bunny Beckham, Your luxurious coat cannot caress my hands; Your cool wet nose cannot grace my lips; Your tall ears cannot, like flags, wave to me with excitement Whether in greeting or for a treasured treat. I bid you goodbye as the sun?s rays were still new On this otherwise gentle autumn day, For the night was cruel in its length And we suffered the last throes of life Together. Your short friends now play in the yard that was once yours As you supervised their antics And sometimes joined them. Just the other day you ran And I saw you smile, Saw you panting with pleasure, Saw you look after the crazy beagles So satisfied in your playtime. Now you run, Free of your body, Through ribbons of Time and Memory, Decorating my thoughts With the Love that was you. And when you choose to rest now It will be stretched out full length On the bed of my heart; There is bountiful room there To encompass you, My Beloved Beckham.
Michael Commini wrote on August 1, 2023
October 28, 2011 Its now been 18 months since we lost our sweet prince 'Racer" to bone cancer. He was with us almost 10 years and he was a true joy. He gave us his love unconditionally. When we would come home he would almost knock us over jumping on us and licking our faces. His tail would wag forever. We were with him right to the end. He passed away peacefully in our daughters arms. It was something we will never forget. We still have his blanket and his bowl. We could not bear to part with them. we miss him so much and we always will. We know he is waiting for us at the Rainbow bridge.
Mary Bales wrote on August 1, 2023
November 13, 2011 We put our sweet Monty (racing name "Jyux" to sleep just this morning. We adopted him nearly 10 years ago from Make Peace With Animals. My heart breaks to be without him but he is at peace now and free from pain. We will miss all of his silly greyhound antics (sneaking food off of my kids' plates when they weren't looking, "cockroaching", and fully taking up a queen sized bed). He was a wonderful dog and we will miss him dearly. There will be only greyhounds for us in our future, but it will have to be a little while. Best to all who are posting on here.
Cynthia Smoker-Johnston wrote on August 1, 2023
January 22, 2012 On the day of the Greyhound Picnic 2 years ago, a gentle black Greyhound named Lily was returned by her owners at the age of 13. I took one look at her, and my heart went out to this sweet dog. Although I knew we would not have much time together, I also knew immediately that she was coming home with me. I left the house with one Greyhound, and returned with two! She was as sweet as she looked, and enjoyed being with General, our Greyhound, our small dog, and the cats. She was even free-range chicken safe! Surprisingly, she spent the next 1 1/2 years with us, until she had a massive stroke on Feb. 25, 2011. She died in my arms, while I gently held her and told her how much we loved her. Nine months later, during the surprise Halloween snowstorm, our other Greyhound, General, became suddenly very short of breath, and his abdomen swelled as the snow piled up. I rushed him to the emergency vet, where I discovered that he had cancer which had invaded his liver, and eroded major blood vessels, causing him to bleed internally. At the age of ten, he had never shown any signs of the cancer that robbed him of his life. I will always remember the peaceful look of love he gave me as his life slipped away. We will treasure his unique personality, his smile, and his ability to "table-surf" no matter how high the table or counter. We have been without a Greyhound since Oct. 30, and the house seems to be missing something important. A certain spark is gone. Our 15-year -old poodle mix (also a rescue) misses her friends terribly, as we all do. It is time to add another Greyhound to the fold, as the house just doesn't seem like a home without a sleek dog running laps in our fenced-in yard, and lounging feet skyward on the sofa!
Philip Katz wrote on August 1, 2023
May 22, 2012 In 2003, I was rescued by a senior greyhound whose name at the time was Terry. He was definitely not a Terry and became the extraordinary Maxwell - my best friend, companion and confidant. On April 9th at 16+ years old, I lost my friend and have an unbearable hole in my heart. Max was such a character and had so much personality. He lived with 2 cats and for the last 4 years a miniature dachshund named Molly. I couldn't have asked for better animal harmony. They were family and Max was the patriarch. As expected, there is a permanent dent in the couch and the bed where Max liked to snooze but he also never missed the chance to greet someone at the door, eat a meal, run outside or just see what everyone else was up to. Max was a black greyhound with white markings. Over the years he got grey - as did I. I will forever miss Maxwell and hope that he is running free now and that someday I will see him again. I love you Max and we all miss you...
Tara Z wrote on August 1, 2023
July 11, 2012 hi monday i hadto have sadie my dear friend for 8 yrs put to sleep she was 12 and died of renal complications she was my second greyhound and had to be the sweetest dog ive known ill get another in spite of the sadness and because of the sadness but sadie will always have her own spot in my heart thank you for letting me take her home to live with those 8 years ago
Pamela Odum wrote on August 1, 2023
August 12, 2012 This weekend we lost our Annie. Racing name SNB Little Annie, she knew she was Annie from the day we met her at Jackie's house. This flouncy, pouncey, trouncey girl flirted with everyone. She was a M&G dog for 10+ years, doing the senior and pediatric circuits with grace and flair. At 12.5 years old she was still working the the Shad Fest like she was a pup. She touched so many lives, and generated so much interest in Greyhounds that I fear she will never be equaled. She ruled our household, yet welcomed every change, every addition, and mourned every loss. When we lost our first Greyhound, her buddy Dante, she grieved hard. But then we adopted Dexter (GV Keg), and she found a new mission - to make him comfortable in his new world. She drew him out of his shell and he has emerged with a vengeance. Annie lived life to the fullest, seeing nothing but the positive all the time. She left this world the way she lived her life, hard and fast. RIP little girl, go back to chasing butterflies and bunnies. 09/17/99 - 08/11/12
John and Valerie Wesolowich wrote on August 1, 2023
September 22, 2012 Our Mandy, race name " Mandy's-a-Dandy" was laid to rest this morning, September 22, 2012. Mandy came into our lives as a foster in early August 2002. Needless to say, she warmed our hearts and was part of our family for the past 10+ years. When Mandy came to us in August of 2002 our youngest son was 12 years old. he slept on the floor beside her keenel for a week, keeping her company each night. Last nighht he slept beside her bed and kept her company on her last night with us. She was our "fourth" child and well loved and nurtured. We are honored to have had the opportunity to have had her in our lives.
Marc Dralus wrote on August 1, 2023
October 13, 2012 On January 31 of this year our sweet, wonderful Bogie passed away, the victim of a very swift and undiagnosed disease. Just a few days before, he was chasing Cricket, our male Iggie, around the yard in good fun. But, two days later, in a flash, we knew that the end was at hand. His hind legs just weren't working as they should have. We had been there before, and knew that no medical intervention or hopes and prayers would intercede. Bogie was a truly special fellow. We had just lost Dobbs, our first, and Donnie, an old foster who had never realized life in the free world until then, to cancer, two weeks apart back in 2002. What else does one do but to ask Cynthia for another Grey to foster, one who would hopefully respect our little Iggies. So along came Bogie several weeks later. On to the abridged story of Bogie. The first time we met Bogie (track name - Tattoo 'Em, track moniker - Bogart, after Humphrey, one of a very few great actors of our age) was in Cynthia's back yard. He was one of those "shy" Greys, or so we thought. Bogie, after four months of fostering, turned out to be a pretty serious case. He spent the first month in his crate, refusing to come out unless he had to relieve himself in the yard or maybe to spend a short bit of time breathing fresh air. In time he improved, and would even walk in the neighborhood, if he was ensconced in a pack of fosters / dog-sit Greys. It all changed in 2006 when we finally realized our dream and moved west. Bogie traveled west like a pro and his life improved dramatically when he settled in western Colorado, away from the noise of the crowded eastern suburbs. Not completely, as he could always detect a cow fart in Utah or Wyoming and be sent scurrying into the closet, but his last five years were his best, the age when he finally realized that being a canine can be great fun. Canyons, mesas, plateaus, alpine lakes to wade and sip, local dog runs, Bogie enjoyed them all, and bless his spirit and his ability to overcome his fears and to welcome all newcomers. Bogie, you worked yourself into a very special place into our hearts, we miss you awfully, but take solace in knowing that we'll probably meet again in those crowded celestial skies whenever fate dictates that the time is now. Till that time we miss your being here with us.
Annette Frattini wrote on August 1, 2023
October 13, 2012 Yesterday we made the hard decision to free our Basil from his pain. Basil was my "Perry Como" of Greyhounds. He had a wonderful life and enjoyed every day doing what he liked best, being a lazy boy. He was our first Greyhound and my children's first dog. We had the pleasure of loving him for ten years and he was alert and loving till the end. He was such a special boy that his track owner kept in touch through the years remembering him and his littermates. God Bless my Basil boy now he is with his soulmate, my bridge girl Holly.In our eyes there will never be anyone that could fill the void we have for him. He lived his life like the king that he was to us. He watched the kids grow up to be adults and was the love of block. No matter where he was a M&G,Trick or Treating in costume or modeling Greyhound clothes for web sites (yes he was a ham) he loved life,right up until his final minutes he was happy and alert but his body could not fight OS any more. Basil lived to almost 13 1/2 years old and no one could have done it better. May God Bless You my Dear Basil boy.
Barbara Yob wrote on August 1, 2023
February 21, 2013 This morning we had our beloved twelve year old Minnie-Moo(BB's Dry Hand) put down. This past month she had a stroke and then started with kidney problems and yesterday was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma which also took her littermate Sandy(BB's Even-handed) several years ago who left a big hole in our hearts when he died. We were fortunate that Minnie had always been healthy for the past nine years in our home up until these events. She was the Queen of the couch and when we adopted Toby a year and a half ago she let him know who was boss and he has the scars on his legs to prove that she ruled! Minnie would come upstairs to me on occasion and thinking that she had to go out I would head downstairs to discover that she wanted me to boot Toby off the couch! When we sat on the couch with her she would automatically flip over on her back with one front leg up in the air like a flagpole and as she had her belly rubbed the front leg would lower a bit and if we stopped rubbing that leg shot right back up to flagpole position. If we paid too much attention to her brothers Beaker or Toby we would hear "air snaps" coming from the end of the couch. I guess Minnie was only slightly spoiled. Barry, Krista and Beaker were with Minnie this morning. Today was the 9th anniversary of Minnie coming into our home and our hearts and so sad that she had to leave on this anniversary. Barbara Yob and family

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