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Greyhound Q&A

Do Greyhounds Need a Lot of Exercise?

In retirement, their exercise needs are the same as any other dog.

Are the Greyhounds Housebroken?

No, but they are crate-trained. With continued use of a crate in your home, they can usually be housebroken in a few days.

Are they Good with Children?

Most are, and we make every effort to match you with the appropriate dog for your family. By nature, Greyhounds are a gentle, docile breed who tend to avoid confrontation. We remind you that children should always be supervised when interacting with any animal and that rough play or the disregard of a dog’s need for private time is to be discouraged.

Due to restrictions in our insurance policy, we cannot adopt Greyhounds into homes with children under the age of seven.

Do Greyhounds Really Make Good Pets?

Every Greyhound raised with love and affection, especially early in life, will make a wonderful, loving, devoted pet. Greyhounds quickly become attached to their new owners, thrive on pleasing them, and never tire of being petted. Many people we’ve placed Greyhounds with say they’re the best pets they ever had!

After You Adopt

The Adjustment Period

Recognizing the adjustment period and managing it successfully is an important part of any Greyhound adoption. It must be remembered that being a companion instead of a racer involves a dramatic change in your dog’s routine and he must be given time to adjust to his new surroundings. In this regard, a quiet Greyhound may become fretful, a good eater reluctant to eat, a clean Greyhound may have an “accident.” Your love, patience and understanding will help your Greyhound through this adjustment period which may last from a few days to a few weeks.

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