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   from Cynthia Branigan
   On November 6th, Florida voters agreed to amend their state's constitution to the effect that, after December 31st, 2020, live Greyhound racing in the state will be illegal. Wagering on Greyhound races in other states, via simulcasting, will still be permitted. Tracks that currently feature other forms of gaming such as slot machines or poker, will be allowed to retain their license.
   'Only' the Greyhounds, their trainers, and their owners, some 8,000 dogs and 13,000 people, will be affected and unemployed.
   The amendment provides for a 'phase-out' of dogs, so as to avoid flooding the market with Greyhounds forced into retirement. But, some seasonal tracks have already announced that the 2019 session will be their last. We could begin to see the first large waves of adoptable dogs in early May, 2019. Most year-round tracks have not yet revealed their plans for the future. They cannot weed out some of their active dogs as a certain number must be available on site to maintain a full racing schedule. Their choices are either to continue as-is until the end, or close now.
   As we have since our founding in 1988, Make Peace With Animals is committed to finding homes for displaced Greyhounds. To say that the influx will be a challenge is an understatement, but we are banding together with like-minded adoption groups across the nation to get the job done. While this will be an urgent matter, it will not be an emergency. We and our fellow adoption groups are at the ready to ensure that no dog is left behind.
   Three things you can do to help us, and help the Greyhounds:
1/ Adopt! It's the obvious answer and a good one--if, and only if, you are adopting for the right reasons (i.e. for companionship for your self and/or your current animal friends; because you have the know-how, the finances, and the room; and out of love, not pity). If you've been considering adopting, or adopting again, there could be no better time. Why not put in an application now so we have you on file?
2/ Foster! Housing a Greyhound for us until a permanent home is found will allow us to take in more dogs. You can change a Greyhound's life by showing him or her the ropes of home living; seeing them through their spay or neuter surgery; and easing the adjustment period in the dog's eventual adoptive home. And who knows, your foster dog may be such a good fit that you may decide to make the arrangement permanent! Contact us for a copy of our manual Fostering 101 so you can find out what we expect of you, and what you can expect of us.
3/ Donate! You can imagine how our expenses will balloon with the impending increased number of incoming dogs. Although we are staffed solely by volunteers, and rely on foster homes, more dogs mean more bills for collars; leashes; i.d. tags; de-wormers and flea/tick preventatives; and the biggest expense of all: veterinary bills. Our adoption fee does not cover what we spend on each incoming dog.
   Make Peace receives neither state nor federal funding, nor have we received or been offered any donations from either pro- or anti-racing organizations.
   You can mail a check to Make Peace With Animals, Inc. P.O. Box 488, New Hope, PA 18938; or donate to us online through PayPal at 
   We assure you, every penny will go to the dogs-- just as it has for the over 5,000 Greyhound we have placed so far.


Hardbound, 2nd edition, and complete with artwork dating to 6000 B.C.
Indicate if you would like it inscribed, and to whom.   
Mail a check for just $20. (includes Priority Mail shipping) to:
Make Peace With Animals, P.O. Box 488, New Hope, PA 18938.

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Roger Penske (left), son of the late, great, Lassinagh Silky and prolific sire Flying Penske, goes nose to toes with his Mini Me. This paper mache statue, made by Vermont artist Terri Malloy, is the spittin' image of Roger. And why not? He was the model! The piece was created and donated to commemorate Make Peace With Animals'  25th Annual Homecoming. Luckily for Roger, his adopter had the winning bid at the silent auction.