Happy and secure in her foster home, two-year-old Kelsos Devilment, better known as Willow, is all smiles. Her foster family has found her to be sweet, clean, great with children, and an all-around companionable girl. Sleek, shiny Willow is keen on hunting squirrels in the back yard, and we determined she is not cat- or tiny-dog friendly. She also needs a fenced yard to 'take care of business'. But she loves the male Greyhound in her foster home, and everyone else she meets!

   Wonder who Willow's lucky adopters will be in 2015?

* * *

  On June 2, 2013, six puppies were born to Kelsos Isabella, five girls and a boy. Their father, Kiowa Mon Manny, was absent for the birth--but with over 3000 other offspring to his credit, the blessed event was probably more like 'all in a day's work' for him.
   As with every litter of racing Greyhounds, hopes were high for their future professional careers. After all, raising a litter is an expensive endeavor: from the purchase of the brood; the stud fees; feeding; transportation to the training farm and the track; boarding and training fees; to the endless veterinary bills. The hope was that maybe they would become stakes champions, or maybe just have a solid career 'in the money' without any injuries along the way. Hope hangs on maybe.
   Thanks to their breeder, Steve Lockwood, we held a contest called "The Name Game" in which people could enter a drawing where the prize was the naming rights to one girl in the litter. That girl was named Mamas Jeanette, a reference to the lone male who was already named Mamas NelsonEddy. As the pups grew, they played and wrestled with each other, taunted and teased their dear mother, Kelsos Isabella, until the day came for them to be separated from her. Some months later, hale and hearty, the six puppies were sent to the training farm, one of the best in the country, to gain the skills needed for the competitive world of racing.
   Early training reports were not encouraging: the pups seemed to lack that competitive drive. Still, they were young, things could reverse themselves. They could, but they didn't. They went to a Florida track where they showed no signs of interest in racing, and were sent packing. Two other girls are showing some promise at another track.
   In early January, 2015, we'll be getting in four of the six pups who by then will be 19 months old: Mamas NelsonEddy; Mamas Jeanette; Mamas Shirley Ann; and Mamas Lynette. We don't know anything about their cat status, nor about their personalities. When we last saw them, at three months of age, all were happy, friendly, and outgoing. We know for sure they are gorgeous young dogs.
   These pups represent Kelsos Isabella's last litter. She is now enjoying a luxurious retirement on a horse farm in South Carolina with her mother, Kelsos Gabriella; her two uncles, Kelsos Ned Power and Kelsos Sampson; and our own Jill Fitzpatrick. By the way, Gabriella, the pups' grandmother, will be 15 years old in January.  Even the pups' great-grandmother, Kelsos Martina (who Jill also adopted) lived to be 13. So they have longevity in their genes.
   Here's your chance to adopt one (or more) well-bred, uninjured, young Greyhounds. While no guarantees can be made, chances are you will have a long and happy life with them. We are now accepting applications.    

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Roger Penske (left), son of the late, great, Lassinagh Silky and prolific sire Flying Penske, goes nose to toes with his Mini Me. This paper mache statue, made by Vermont artist Terri Malloy, is the spittin' image of Roger. And why not? He was the model! The piece was created and donated to commemorate Make Peace With Animals'  25th Annual Homecoming. Luckily for Roger, his adopter had the winning bid at the silent auction.