from Cynthia Branigan

    As I've written many times, my introduction to Greyhounds occurred in April, 1987, during a chance encounter with an acquaintance at Lambertville, New Jersey's Shad Fest. The result was King, my first adoptee. By the next year, I was finding homes for others of his kind and, eager to introduce others to this wonderful breed, set up a makeshift table at the Shad Fest in 1988.
   Thirty years later, Greyhounds reign at the Shad. Kathy Williams and Jared Keller took up the torch and transformed my rickety card table into a full-fledged booth, complete with tent, proper tables, and a crew of dedicated volunteers to staff the two-day event.
   Kathy and Jared realized that our original banner was a bit shopworn from years of use. They kindly designed and donated a bigger, updated one. It was so eye-catching, in fact, that it certainly contributed to this being a banner year in another way: donations!
   Thanks to everyone's efforts by shaking the buckets and requesting "A dollar for the dogs," we raised a record amount. This will go a long way toward paying down our ever-present and oppressive veterinary debt. As you know, our adoption fee does not cover the costs we incur in acquiring and readying Greyhounds for homes.
   A heartfelt thanks to all who helped make the weekend a success:
Kathy Williams & Jared Keller
Pam & Winston Odum (Dexter & Timmy)
Lynne & Ron Domeracki (Calvin)
Laura Wetterau & Martha Allen (Kaelin)
Lou Gardella (Miles & Finn)
Beth Albuck (Bella & Oscar)
Carol Myers & Brina London (Georgio)
Krista Versyl (Babee & Jet)
Harriet Martin (Rosi)
Charles Rissel (Charcoal, Eugene, & Star)
Pat Zema (Ace)
Terri & Steve Calpino (Scooter McBones, Batgirl & Dino)
Gail & Ron Wright (Zach)
Carrie Troup & Adam Wurpel (Monster, Gailford & Lilly)
Amy & Tom Thornton (Valen)
John Kahler (Butterfly)
Chris Garrity (Conor, Marigold & Blue)
Gail Williams
Sonia Frontera
Donna Nardini
Here's a link to a newspaper photo essay.
We're featured not once, but twice: slide #3, showing Beth Albuck and Bella; and slide #30 showing Brina London.
   And here is a slideshow of some random casual photos of our booth. Here's hoping it will inspire you to join the fun next year!



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Roger Penske (left), son of the late, great, Lassinagh Silky and prolific sire Flying Penske, goes nose to toes with his Mini Me. This paper mache statue, made by Vermont artist Terri Malloy, is the spittin' image of Roger. And why not? He was the model! The piece was created and donated to commemorate Make Peace With Animals'  25th Annual Homecoming. Luckily for Roger, his adopter had the winning bid at the silent auction.