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ionicons-v5-nThe Kittens’ Story

The Kittens’ Story

     On Friday, June 14th, Cynthia and her husband Charles rescued a stray female cat from a bleak parking lot on the outskirts of the Philadelphia Airport. The need to save the cat was especially urgent since little orange girl was in the family way. Just three days later, Momma cat gave birth to 4 males (two light orange and two dark orange) and 1 tortoiseshell female, in the safety and comfort of Rau Animal Hospital.
    Kathy Williams and Jared Keller stepped up immediately and, sight unseen, offered to adopt Momma, who they will call Lola, and the runt of the litter, a light orange boy now named Norman. Tragically, they had lost two of their cats in the previous month and they saw this opportunity as a fitting tribute.
    Next, the Meisters, long time clients of Rau, were grieving the loss of their 18-year-old cat. Rau employees suggested they take a quick peek at Momma and her litter. You know the rest: the Meisters decided to adopt the largest of the males (light orange) and the tortoiseshell female. They will be named Siete and Ocho.
    After ten days, Momma and her litter left Rau for the splendor of a rural New Jersey farm. Thanks to the hospitality of Charles and Pam Odum, Momma and her kittens are getting the best care, best food, and best socialization imaginable. Incrementally, the Odums are exposing the kittens to all manner of creatures, including other cats, dogs, and even birds.
    And Momma herself, the most calm and composed feline, is extremely attentive and nurturing of her brood, taking great care with each and every one. Momma has been cleared of those deadly diseases than can plague cats and their offspring: feline AIDS and feline Leukemia. In fact, for a cat who had been at the parking lot for nearly a year (as we were told by the lot’s employees), it is remarkable that Momma didn’t even have parasites of any kind.
    In a few more weeks, when Momma and the Odums finish their duties, these kittens will not only be weaned, but will be very well balanced indeed!
    Now, you do the math: there are two deep orange, identical twin brother kittens who still need a home. For the time being, they are being referred to as The Hardy Boys. They wrestle and play all day long, and, for that reason, we want them to be adopted together.
    Let us know of your interest in these precious miracle kittens! Before their mother’s rescue, their prospects were as bleak as is imaginable. Now, they are ready to enrich someone’s life, and in the process, have wonderful lives themselves.

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