Cynthia A. Branigan – Author Biography

  Cynthia Branigan’s involvement with the welfare and protection of animals dates back nearly 40 years when she began working for author Cleveland Amory and his organization, The Fund for Animals. Through The Fund, she set up adoption centers across the country for over 10,000 wild burros and mustangs rescued from public lands in the west.

   Ms. Branigan adopted her first Greyhound, King, in 1987 and was inspired by him to found Make Peace With Animals, a non-profit, all volunteer, animal protection group, Its special mission is the adoption of retired racing Greyhounds, and to date over 5,000 of these dogs have found homes through the organization.

   Ms. Branigan is the author of two books on Greyhounds, both published by John Wiley and Sons, NY. The first, ADOPTING THE RACING GREYHOUND, has sold over 100,000 copies since 1992 and is now in an updated Third Edition. It was the first book published on the subject, and the only one written by someone who directs an adoption group. Known as the Bible for anyone considering ownership of a former racing dog, it inspired the adoption movement worldwide. Her second book, THE REIGN OF THE GREYHOUND: A POPULAR HISTORY OF THE OLDEST FAMILY OF DOGS, traces the breed in art, history, and sport from 6000 BCE to the present. It won top prize, Best General Interest Book, in 1998 from the Dog Writers’ Association of America and is now in an expanded Second Edition.

   For Ringpress Publishers, Ltd. of England she edited LIVING WITH A GREYHOUND (2002) and in 1994, wrote the chapter on adoption for THE COMPLETE BOOK OF GREYHOUNDS. In 2003, The Greyhound Project recognized her pioneering work, as did Greyhound Pets of America in 2005, and the National Greyhound Association in 2007.

   Ms. Branigan is an award-winning journalist who has written for such publications as THE NEW YORK TIMES, NEW JERSEY MONTHLY, EQUUS, and DOG WORLD. Her television appearances include ANIMAL PLANET, GOOD MORNING AMERICA and GOOD DAY PHILADELPHIA. For many years, Ms. Branigan wrote a monthly column, "From The Home Front," for the GREYHOUND REVIEW, the magazine of the National Greyhound Association.

   Ms. Branigan was educated at Franconia College in New Hampshire and the University of Pennsylvania. She shares a home in Bucks County, Pennsylvania with her husband and their adopted dogs and cats. Ms. Branigan is a popular lecturer on the adoption of Greyhounds and the humane treatment of all animals.