Make Peace With Animals' Exclusive Beeny Hounds!


$8 each with 100% of the proceeds going to Make Peace with Animals.

Available colors: blue, brindle, fawn/white parti, red, black, black and white parti


Please email orders or inquires to Jill Fitzpatrick

Below are shipping prices for 1-4 Beeny Hounds shipped in a Tyvek Envelope. For orders of 5 and more please contact Jill to get a quote. All prices are in USD.

United States                       International
$4.25 for one                         $11.75 for one
$5.25 for two                         $13.75 for two
$6.25 for three                       $16.75 for three
$7.25 for four                         $18.75 for four

Tracking is required and included in price.