Every Time The Greyhounds Roo, Another Greyhound Gets Its Wings®

Some Angel Greyhounds live in your home, some Angel Greyhounds live in your heart. Whether to honor or memorialize, the Angel Greyhound, a Make Peace With Animals’ exclusive, is a fitting tribute to these most elegant, soulful dogs.

The Angel Greyhound makes a perfect gift for any Greyhound lover, is a great Christmas tree ornament, or can be placed anywhere you want their protective presence.

 These soft toys are white, with wings of pale gray satin, and are approximately 3" × 5" in size.

Price: $6.99 each

Shipping: Below are shipping prices, including the required tracking.  Angel Greyhounds are shipped in a Tyvek envelope. All prices are in USD.

United States and Canada                        United Kingdom and Australia

$3.00 for 1 – 6                                  $6.00 for 1 - 6
$4.00 for 7 – 12                                $8.00 for 7 - 12

Ordering: Please e-mail ordering inquiries to Jill.