From Cynthia Branigan

   As of June 1, 2016, we will, by necessity, raise our adoption fee to $300 for both new and repeat adopters. As before, new adopters will send $15 with their application, and we'll send them a copy of the book "Adopting the Racing Greyhound" to read in advance. On adoption day, new adopters will owe the balance of $285; and repeat adopters, $300. Applications submitted before June 1st will reflect our previous adoption fee of $275.
   I hope it's not a secret--is it?--that Make Peace loses money on every adoption. Even after the fee hike, we'll still lose money; but at least we'll narrow the gap. Bear in mind that when an incoming Greyhound has a medical condition, our expenses soar.

   Years ago, we printed a breakdown of our costs associated with each incoming greyhound. Seems like it's time to do it again, especially since our costs have increased.
   If we are able to get the surgery done in advance by adoption personnel associated with race tracks, it runs around $225 for females, $200 for males.
   Generally, though, we end up getting the surgery done here. In that case, and including a discount, we average $600 for females and $500 for males. No, I am neither kidding nor exaggerating. This includes pre-anesthesia blood work; at least one night in the hospital; a SNAP/4DX test; updated shots (if needed); fluids; anesthesia, etc. We insist that surgeries be performed only by veterinarians of the highest caliber, the same ones we use for our own personal dogs.
$75-$100 per dog.
What? You thought the dogs were delivered to us for free?? Guess again. And, mind you, we meet haulers at rest stops or pre-determined parking lots--and almost always in the middle of the night. Our volunteers are not reimbursed for their gas, tolls, mileage, etc.
We outfit every incoming greyhound with our signature safety orange martingale collar and matching leash; and a numbered brass I.D. tag (which should be kept on the dog permanently, even if you eventually change collars).
We de-worm every incoming Greyhound with Drontal Plus, the finest, and most expensive product on the market. We give an initial dose to every dog whether or not we are certain that they have internal parasites. Most do. It is possible that one dose will not eradicate a severe infestation of worms. That's why we recommend that, three weeks after the dog was de-wormed by us, you take him or her, along with a fecal sample, to your veterinarian for a well dog visit. Testing the sample will tell whether or not your dog is in the clear, or will require an addition de-worming. Most veterinarians will charge double or more what we pay.
Upon arrival, we bathe your greyhound, and remove all visible fleas/ticks. A day or two later, we apply a vial of Frontline Plus (or the equivalent). If you pick up your Greyhound immediately, we give you a vial to apply at home.
Lately, we've been dosing incoming Greyhounds with Capstar. Within an hour, this kills any fleas that may have hitch-hiked on the dogs. We do this before we bathe them. To date, there is not a similar product that kills ticks on the spot. If and when such a product appears, we'll be first in line to use it!
$10. (no, we do not get the book for free)
$6.75 Priority Mail postage (to assure tracking and delivery)
As most of you know, "Adopting the Racing Greyhound" is the book that jump-started the greyhound adoption movement way back in 1992. Now in a revised and expanded 3rd edition, it is the only book on the subject written by someone who actually runs an adoption organization. With over 100,000 copies sold, ATRG is an indispensible source of information on the breed.